You’re doing fine. You’re paying your bills on time and you have your debts under control. You’ve even managed to set aside a bit of savings in your bank account. You’re happy and life is good- at least for a moment.

   Then one day you find yourself in a big financial mess. You’ve used up all your savings. You dread getting the mail every day because the bills are piling up and they are overwhelming. No matter how hard you work, there never seems to be enough money to go around.  You’re frustrated and are barely able to keep your head above water. Bill collectors may be calling, and you are being threatened with lawsuits, a car repo or maybe a foreclosure.  

Now you’re super-stressed and confused, not knowing what to do. You can’t sleep at night thinking about your debt problems. What just happened? You’re left scratching your head and saying, “Why me?”. You may feel that God is punishing you. Life all of a sudden seems so unfair.

It’s not a matter of “if”; it’s a matter of “when”. Financial difficulties in life can happen to the best of us, whether we’re prepared for them or not. Sometimes they come with a warning, but sometimes they don’t. 

Your present financial crisis could have been caused by a lot of things- perhaps most likely related to the pandemic- poor business (if you’re self-employed), being laid off from your job, sickness, disability or divorce. Life is unpredictable sometimes, and there are always unseen challenges and difficulties waiting for us just right around the corner.

When this happens, what do you do? Do you cower in fear, blame circumstances or the people around you, have a pity party or just simply give up? See, as long as you’re alive and breathing, you will always face challenges in life. But it’s not so much what happens to you. It’s how you react to what happens to you that matters more because this is what you can control. Don’t worry about things that you cannot control. You’re not God.

Nothing in life lasts forever. That means the good times don’t last, but the bad times don’t last either. In the grand scheme of things, circumstances are neither good nor bad- they simply are what they are. Sometimes if you look hard enough, you can even find hidden opportunities in seemingly bad situations. It’s a matter of perspective.

Someone said that “You can have fewer bad times when you appreciate and manage the good times wisely.” Thus, whatever you are going through at the moment is most likely temporary. It will soon pass. But you can’t wait around for things to happen. You need to take action and take the first step to change things around. It all begins with the right attitude.

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