Toyota unveils advanced technologies in all-new Prius

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ToyotaTORRANCE, Calif., – In its fourth generation, the Toyota Prius is set to take on new markets with groundbreaking environmental performance, a stylish new design, and a fun-to-drive spirit. Today, Toyota is proud to unveil the technological advances that enable its hybrid flagship to break the mold while still remaining true to form.

Toyota has made significant improvements in its new generation full hybrid powertrain, reducing losses, redesigning and relocating key components and reducing weight. Extensive changes to the transaxle, engine and combined hybrid system, generate an expected 10 percent improvement in EPA estimated MPG on core models, with an Eco model that will achieve an even greater improvement.

Engine with Unprecedented Thermal Efficiency

The new Prius retains the established 1.8-liter VVT-i gasoline engine, however,  the engine has been completely re-engineered, with remarkable results in terms of performance, fuel economy, and reductions to size and weight.

The new engine achieves a ground-breaking maximum thermal efficiency of 40 percent. This improvement was enabled in part through the use of a large-volume exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system and improvements in combustion efficiency. Additionally, a redesigned air intake port improves airflow inside the combustion chamber, while the coolant passages have been redesigned to optimize internal engine temperature. The friction created by the piston skirts, rotating parts and the oil pump has been reduced, while the use of low-viscosity oil reduces friction between sliding engine components.

Fuel efficiency is also boosted by improvements to heating performance. An active grille shutter has been added to open and close the grille as necessary in response to outside temperatures. The exhaust heat recirculation system has also been improved and made more compact. This recycles exhaust heat from the engine into the coolant to be reused in the heaters and to warm the engine. Cold weather fuel efficiency has also been improved by introducing an engine coolant selector valve and adding a new system which accelerates engine heating.

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