Transformers 3 movie review.
By Drew Chung:

I would say Transformers 3 was the best of the trilogy. The action is second to none. The story line could’ve used some help. In fact, it definitely needed help but are you going to see Transformers 3 for the story or the action? This movie stunned me. I went in expecting little. I felt like I had seen all the ‘cool’ action in the first 2 Transformers so I wasn’t expecting much. Little did I know!

This movie blew me away as far as the action. The freeway scene was the best. The soundtrack and the fight scene was unique in a way. From a distance I guess you could say, it was like the others but this was different. It was powerful and cool and it wow’d you.

I would see this movie again, solely on the fact that the action was worth every penny. This is a movie you have to see in the theatres. Not sure watching it on your 28′ TV at home will do it justice. Unless you have a 47 inch plasma TV with surround sound, go to the theatre, treat yourself and your family with a large popcorn and kick back and be wow’d. I highly recommend this for all age groups.