Screenshot from PullClean promotional.

Screenshot from PullClean promotional.

(Relaxnews) – It’s getting harder for microbes to pass through the doors of hospitals thanks to evolving technology in sanitary gel dispensing.

Pure Hold Hygiene Handle was recently featured on the medical equipment blog Medgadget. The device is a simple, “why didn’t I think of this?” door handle that dispenses hand sanitizing gel directly when touched. Above the handle is a refillable reservoir that contains the gel.

If you’ve scrubbed up enough at any given moment when you pass through the doors, you can opt for a gel-free opening by pulling on the handle below.

It’s recommended for use in food processing plants, healthcare facilities, public restrooms and pharmaceutical facilities.

The concept is similar to PullClean, which makes receiving a helping of sanitizing gel an option at the touch of a button. However, Pure Hold reduces the time it takes to sanitize and even the time necessary to make the decision of whether or not to do so.