By Leonel Abasola

(PNA photo by Jelly F. Musico)

MANILA – Senator Raffy Tulfo on Tuesday filed Senate Resolution (SR) 922 seeking to investigate road accidents caused by mismanaged hanging cable wires.

Tulfo said the increase in road accidents nationwide due to the improper maintenance of hanging wires is alarming.

“Victims of accidents caused by live cable wire mishandling often face significant challenges in pursuing recourse against the negligent parties. The difficulties faced by these victims hinder their ability to seek justice and fair compensation for injuries, fatalities, and property damage resulting from such accidents,” the resolution read.

Tulfo said electric companies, telephone companies, and other entities involved in the installation, maintenance, and management of live cable wires shall be called upon to prioritize safety protocols and standards, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations.

He also underscored the need to review the charter and mandate of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, local government units, Department of Public Works and Highways, City Engineering Office, and similar agencies nationwide to ensure that they are discharging their functions, more specifically in ensuring that roads do not pose risks to public safety of motorists and pedestrians alike.

Tulfo said these entities should conduct regular inspections and maintenance checks on their cable wire installations to identify and rectify potential hazards promptly.

Responsible entities, he said, should be held accountable for any injuries, fatalities, or property damage in the event of accidents resulting from the mishandling and improper maintenance of cable wires. (PNA)