As thousands of undocumented Filipino youth continue to turn up at registration sites in various cities across the nation to apply for President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON) continues to provide education and resources for the community regarding the new policy including its benefits and risks to undocumented immigrants.

Since the new policy was announced in June, member organizations of NAFCON in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City have held community forums and participated in drives to make the public more aware of this program.

“DACA is neither a path to citizenship nor a way to legal residency. We must help our fellow Filipinos make the most informed decision by educating them about the consequences of this policy,” said Robyn Rodriguez, Professor at U.C. Davis and a member of NAFCON.
NAFCON urges individuals who think they may qualify for deferred action to talk to credible and trustworthy lawyers and organizations when inquiring about DACA. NAFCON member organizations have been working with local groups and institutions to make sure Filipino immigrant youth receive accurate information and do not fall victims to money-making schemes of unscrupulous lawyers.
To better inform the public, NAFCON announces the release of the “Deferred Action Primer” for those considering the new program. The primer, which is available at, includes NAFCON’s analysis and critiques of the Deferred Action Policy as well as trusted groups working on the ground who can offer support for the undocumented.
“We believe the high turnout of undocumented immigrants at registration sites confirms the urgent need for a genuine Comprehensive Immigration Reform, something that Obama promised four years ago but he has yet to fulfill.   NAFCON remains committed to organizing for Legalization for All undocumented immigrants and End to Backlog of Family Reunification.
As NAFCON welcomes this delay in deportation, the alliance is aware that we owe this partial success to undocumented youth and students who have campaigned tirelessly to defend the rights and welfare of immigrant communities.  For NAFCON there is no better way to honor their hard work and determination, but to continue organizing and mobilizing the public to recognize the dignity and respect the rights of all immigrants.