Wagyu Beef Steak Bowl

Wagyu Beef Steak Bowl

Barley is an excellent addition to any diet. It packs four times as much fiber as brown rice*, and its high fiber content is beneficial to one’s overall health. Hakubaku’s Mochi Mugi, the number one barley brand in Japan**, is easy to prepare and provides a nutritious boost when included as part of a regular diet. Mochi Mugi barley pairs well with many kinds of food, and one easy way you can enjoy it us by simply adding it to rice before cooking. It is a wonderful complement to Wagyu beef, as you will see in the recipe provided. Try a Wagyu beef steak bowl with delicious barley rice tonight!

Ingredients (serves 4)

3 cups rice

1 packet Hakubaku Mochi Mugi

4 servings wagyu beef for steak (each serving about 8oz)

1 garlic clove

Japanese daikon radish

1 pk shiso leaf

Green onion for garnish (optional)





  1. Before setting rice to cook, add one packet of Mochi Mugi and an additional ½ cup of water. Set rice aside to cook and prepare additional ingredients.

*Note: No need to wash or rinse Hakubaku Mochi Mugi. Be sure to add an additional ½ cup of water for every packet of Mochi Mugi used.

Beef Bowl:

  1. Slice garlic thin and brown in pan with a little oil.
  2. Lightly season steak and add to pan, searing it on both sides. Once it finishes cooking, remove and slice into strips to place over rice.
  3. Grate Japanese daikon radish and mix in a little ponzu sauce to make a Japanese style horseradish.
  4. Cut shiso leaves and green onion into thin slices.
  5. Put desired amount of cooked Hakubaku rice onto bowl.
  6. Top with a few strips of wagyu steak. Add a dollop of the daikon horseradish and garnish with shiso leaf and green onion.

* Source: Intage, Inc. – SRI Data 2015

** Japanese Food Composition Database 2010