Ellen Adarna (MNS photo)

Ellen Adarna (MNS photo)

Sexy actress and glamour model Ellen Adarna said she does not get bothered when people describe her as the “pantasya ng mga kalalakihan.”

Adarna said she is flattered when people say she’s sexy.

“I’m flattered, I’m happy but it doesn’t really bother me a lot. You know what, this is just an act. At home, I’m a batang yagit. Even on set, nakapaa lang ako, very laid back. I grew up in Cebu and I’m probinsyana na walang pakialam,” she said.

Adarna said she grew up in a “liberated” family.

Asked what her boyfriend’s reaction was when she appeared in the viral workout video, Adarna said, “Actually he doesn’t care. It was for fun lang and the one who did it is my friend and it’s his material for film school. Hindi namin inexpect na magiging viral kasi project lang niya yun.”

Adarna also denied saying she is willing to leave her boyfriend for her fellow “Moon of Desire” star JC De Vera.

I never said that. Sabi nga niya sa akin, ‘Sabi mo daw iiwan mo daw yung boyfriend mo for me.’ Sabi ko ‘Saan mo nakuha iyan? Anong sabi mo?’ Si Raul, my boyfriend, visits on set. Magkakilala sila,” she said.

Meanwhile, Adarna confessed it was her childhood dream that Kris Aquino adopts her.

“It was me and my best friend Tara. We’d always say ‘Kris Aquino please adopt us,’” she said.

The reason for this, Adarna said, is because she can identify with Aquino and she thinks the TV host is fabulous.

A flattered Aquino, on the other hand, said, “I get that so often sa [Instagram] and sinasabihan ko sila na baka ma-offend ang mga nanay niyo, mag-ingat kayo. Kasi nakakahanap daw ako ng panahon sa mga anak ko.” (MNS)