What made Enchong Dee, Jasmine Curtis-Smith accept roles in risky ‘Alter Me’

Jasmine Curtis-Smith (MNS photo)

MANILA, Nov 11 (Mabuhay) — Enchong Dee and Jasmine Curtis-Smith are both grateful that they got to work together in the upcoming Netflix film “Alter Me” because that paved the way for them to become good friends.

Speaking with the entertainment press, Curtis-Smith said they are fortunate that as their filmmaking was progressing, so was their relationship off-camera.

“How we feel about our friendship is so similar kasi we started not knowing each other working on this film and the friendship developed. When you’re able to take away a friendship from a project and maintain it, ibig sabihin totoo. Kasi sometimes we say it, ‘Uy catch up tayo ha or let’s hangout,’ but it never happens. It’s nice kasi may added value to your life more than just doing work,” she said.

Based on its two-minute trailer, the film follows Aimee, an HR manager who seeks the mentorship of Uno, a coveted escort, to better connect with other people and her own emotions.

When asked what made them agree to do the project given that it used the “alter world” as the backdrop for a love story, Dee said: “For the longest time, I’ve been looking for a role that is very sexy, risky, something that’s more in touch with his sexual self. Hindi naman sa wala pero kapag parang may dumadating, parang it’s not something that I am looking for. Nung dumating si direk RC (delos Reyes), he got me at hello.”

“To be fair, nabasa din naman namin ‘yung script before having a meeting. I am just happy because nakuha ko ‘yung gusto kong kwento, ‘yung character and sobrang bonus kasi the people that I’ve worked with are talented, very forward thinking, brave. I am very happy especially with my leading lady,” he added.

Curtis-Smith, for her part, said that when she reads scripts, she is always on the lookout for something that will stand by whatever statement the movie is boldly making.

“I felt na at this point, I need to be conscious about the scenes I can offer sa mga directors mo, producers. You can’t always restrict yourself. I needed to cross that bridge din na, okay am I someone who will always be so conservative with my choices of films or roles?” she said.

“I think it was also one those things na this is the perfect film to explore that and try that because it’s enough for what it needs in the story and at the same time for me as an actor, I am not scaring myself too much. It’s just enough of a scare to make me want to get that thrill and feel it. I like to do films that are, ‘Tama ba ito? Tama bang ginawa ko ito?’” she added.

Meanwhile, delos Reyes shared that during the development stage of the story, he and his screenwriter wanted to play with the idea of connections in telling a modern love story.

“The best way to play it is siyempre in the advent of technology, social media. Ngayon, it’s easy to create our own world in the internet. With that, naging setting for these two characters ni Aimee and Uno to meet up. But what’s most important is how they meet up and try to connect with themselves in the real world. Kumbaga, the online alter world is a setting,” he said.

Has it always been the plan to release “Alter Me” on Netflix?

“Obviously we didn’t expect naman na pandemic. Like with any other movies, hindi talaga naman namin intended na diretso straight to Netflix. Siyempre as a filmmaker and with my producers also, talaga namang iba pa rin kapag pinakita mo siya sa big screen. But we are very thankful that Netflix made it a Netflix film and will not only be shown here but across Asia,” delos Reyes said.

“Alter Me” is slated to premiere on November 15 on Netflix across Asia. The movie is co-produced by Viva Films and Ten17P.(MNS)

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