By K

You want to see “What’s Your Number?” “Really?” That’s the reaction I had when a friend of mine said she wanted to see the latest comedy. Honestly, I really dreaded the thought of seeing Anna Faris prance around half naked like in 99 % of her typical airhead roles.  She’s as typecast as any actor or actress can get.  And it wasn’t any different in this movie. However, I should note that Chris Evans’ impossibly perfect physique and charming smile helped make the film less dreadful.  Ladies am I right?! As for the film itself, I thought there were a few funny moments but nothing side splitting as the movie was extremely predictable and even slightly offensive at times. Yet, I did enjoy Blythe Danner’s comedic side as the uptight and overbearing mother. Overall, I wouldn’t say that the film left me disappointed because my expectations were far too low in the first place.