Carol Banawa (MNS photo)

MANILA, Aug 3 (Mabuhay) –Singer Carol Banawa got real on social media saying she is “unhappy” with her health and looks lately.

“I felt like I have ‘let go’ and have not really taken care of myself. I became too comfortable in my own skin and I have forgotten how it felt like to feel and look good,” Banawa shared on Instagram.

“Living here in the US and having to do everything yourself, doesn’t really give you the luxury of time to ‘fix yourself up.’ But I will try. Whenever I can. For me. So I can start loving and feeling happy about myself and my health again.”

She also enumerated some changes she has done recently.

According to Banawa, she has been trying to exercise every day, saying: “I say try because there are still days I get lazy. It’s ok mamas, it is hard to commit. But let’s keep workin at it. We will get there. Eye on the prize!”

She is also trying her best to avoid wearing pajamas all day despite being “all for comfort.”

She also wrote: “I ALWAYS WEAR MY HAIR UP. My hair is naturally curly. So finding the time to fix it, is sooo hard. So time consuming. BUT, I need to make an effort to fix my hair if that is something that will make me feel good about myself. So I will.”

Banawa has been living in the US with her husband and kids since she left show business several years ago.

In 2018, she earned her nursing degree after finishing summa cum laude at the Northern Virginia Community College in Washington D.C. She became a registered nurse in the US in the same year.

Prior to leaving showbiz, Banawa was best known for her hits “Bakit ‘Di Totohanin,” “Iingatan Ka,” and “Till My Heartaches End.” She also performed theme songs for several teleseryes.  (MNS)

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