Inigo Pascual (MNS photo)

MANILA, June 28 (Mabuhay) — OPM singer Iñigo Pascual believes this is not the time to start a romantic relationship.

“Right now I am not currently in love with someone but I am in love with what I am doing,” said Pascual, whose first international album “Options” was released last June 25.

“I mean grabe ‘yung lahat ng mga nangyayari. It’s hard to really start something. I mean I’ve been saying that and I know people are getting so tired of my answer but that’s just the reality of it,” he added.

“We are going through this pandemic, so much is going on. And ang hirap din magsimula na hindi ka makakapunta. It’s also hard to say na I’m in love, it’s such a big word,” said Pascual, who was last romantically linked with Maris Racal.

Right now, Pascual is excited over his album “Options” which has 12 tracks. Pascual recorded the songs with various producers and composers from Manila to California for two years.

The album is produced by ABS-CBN Music’s Tarsier Records.

“We’ve been working so hard for this album. We literally we had so much options for this album I mean like each track. Some of the tracks here have multiple versions. I am just glad that we are able to do this. We are still able to share music globally not just here in the Philippines. I am able to share whatever we have in Tarsier Records and I am just grateful, very, very grateful,” Pascual said about “Options.”

According to a statement, “‘Options’ primarily revolves around the concept of self-discovery and navigating a young man’s world of infinite options.”

Its carrier single “Neverland,” which “delves deep into the allure of staying in the unknown rather than making a firm action to traverse an unconventional relationship,” was produced by global hit producer Bernard “HARV” Harvey.

Pascual’s previously released singles included in the “Options” album are title track, “Danger” with Common Kings and DJ Flict, “Should Be Me,” and his collaborations with Tarsier Records’ label head Moophs, “Lost,” “Catching Feelings,” “Always,” and the stripped version of “OMW.” (MNS)

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