Nadine Lustre (MNS photo)

Nadine Lustre (MNS photo)

Actress Nadine Lustre continues to be hounded by rumors that she had cosmetic surgery done on her face, particularly on her cheeks and nose.

Last year, the young star already addressed reports that she had a nose job, calling it the most absurd rumor she has heard about herself.

Lustre was again asked to comment on the persistent rumors.

Naku ako nga hindi ko matandaan na nagpagawa ako sila pa kaya,” she said. “Takot po talaga ako. Injection nga lang po, natatakot na ako eh.” Lustre explained.

Despite these rumors, Lustre continues to be an in-demand cover girl. This month alone, she is on the cover of three different magazines – Sense & Style, Meg and Chalk. (MNS)