Willie Revillame (MNS Photo)

Willie Revillame (MNS Photo)

Former Kapamilya TV host Willie Revillame finally broke his silence on rumors saying he is wasting millions through gambling.

“You know, I’ve been working so hard so I deserve to enjoy myself. I’m betting my own money. If I win, I can help more people; if I lose, I still continue to help people,” he said.

Revillame, however, admitted that he has indeed sold some of his properties.

“Yes, it’s true, I have acquired so many properties at ibinibenta ko ‘yung hindi ko na napapakinabangan,” he said.

Among the properties which Revillame has sold or is trying to sell are the Wil Events Place and the Wil Tower in Quezon City.

Contrary to other reports, Revillame has kept his yacht, his private plane, his mansion at Ayala Heights in Quezon City and his property in Tagaytay City where he’s building a hotel.

Early this year, Revillame’s daughter, actress Meryll Soriano, said people should not judge her father on how he wants to spend his money because he earned them the hard way.

“Kasi ‘di ba, whatever he does with his life, it’s his prerogative. He has worked hard for everything, for his wealth. So whatever he wants to do with that, we don’t have any right to judge or to say something bad about it because it’s his money,” she said.

Revillame’s last television project was “Wiltime Big Time” on TV5. He has yet to make a TV comeback in a station which he refuses to reveal. (MNS)